Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 6, Merzouga - Missour

A beautiful green canyon with an incredible view
The day started with a fast special with some tricky navigation that took just under an hour. I think we increased the lead over the dutch guy, Martin Fontyn, who is on 3rd place. There is about an hour and a half to he rider on 4th place so now its all about keeping our position and not to make any mistakes. But there is still one day left and anything can happen so it ain't over 'til it's over, so to speak.

Mixing up the chemical metal
After the special there was some navigation stages and there was one very rocky enduro passage where I managed break my clutch cover. I didn't even fall, I just tipped the bike over and the cover hit a rock but the clutch cover on a KTM is ridiculously thin and weak. Luckily I always bring some chemical metal with me so I was able to fix it. The upside was that we got to have a lunch break while we were waiting for it to harden.

Ready to go 15 minutes later!
During a liason we discovered that Carl's bike was leaking oil from the front axle so he is at it trying to fix it right now. I guess we had our share of mechanical trouble today.

The rest of the navigation stages went on smoothly except I didn't really appreciate the incredible views with my eyes itching and my nose dripping from the cold I have got. I was able to get a whole 8 hours of sleep last night and that was exactly what I needed. I still feel like crap but not like yesterday and I finally got my voice back so I can speak to people.

Now I will focus on eating and sleeping to gather my strength for the last day.

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