Video logs

These are the video logs from me and Team Rally Raid Sweden at the Tuareg Rally 2011. They are streamed live via Bambuser (a great service btw). Of course you can watch them afterwards if you don't happen to catch them while we're streaming.

This is the first time we are doing this and we are hoping that the WIFI-access will be good enough for us to be able to put up some broadcasts during the rally. Cross your fingers :)

Update: Unfortunately, I caught a cold during the rally and lost my voice so we didn't do any more videos during the rally (hard to do if you can't speak...). But from what we tested so far, Bambuser is working pretty good. The only feature I missed was the ability to record even if you don't have access to internet and upload the video later. That feature would be very helpful when in areas with poor connectivity.


  1. Riktigt uppskattat att kunna köra en sådan här rapport, det tackar vi för!


  2. Unfortunately the video clip we did yesterday (Saturday) disappeared due to technical reasons. We will try to do another one today.

  3. Bra där! Riktigt kul att få se /sunken