Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 7, Missour - Nador

(April 3)

Had a rough night with not too much sleep since I couldn't stop coughing. The day started with a special that went straight down into a riverbed and then followed the riverbed for a couple of kilometers. I do not like that kind of riding as a first activity in the morning before I have got the chance to warm up and my forearms got really stiff in the beginning. After the riverbed the rest of the special went over a lot of fast dirt roads with a lot of navigation. We had a fairly high tempo and made no mistakes in the navigation which was good since we did not want to loose our 7 minutes lead over the guy on the 3rd place.

After some navigation stages and liaisons there was another special with a lot of navigation in it. We made some minor mistakes and I guess it cost us a couple of minutes but at the time of writing this the final results are not yet done so I do not know if we managed to keep the 7 minuets lead or not.

After the last navigation stages we finally reached the port of Nador and began packing our gear and loading the bikes onto the service truck. It took a while before the other Swedes started to show up and now, seven and a half hours after we first reached the port, the ferry has finally started its engines and are leaving port. If nothing else, doing a desert race will at least make you very good at waiting.

Tomorrow we will start the day with unloading everything in Almeria, Spain, and then have a liaison to Mojacar where the finish and the complementary finish party will take place.

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